two peas one pod

 Two Peas is a creative hub and a place where clients feel at home. Devoted and committed, that's us! Working together to achieve greatness... Helping brands find their voice and the right audience to capture hearts.

Helen Pea - Two Peas PR
Jo Pea - Two Peas PR


The PR pea! An ex-Boots PR girl and self confessed social media addict with a dangerous obsession for collecting small things! In love with art and all forms of creative expression, I've been in PR for well over a decade and still get excited delivering results for clients big or small. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a successful campaign or story come to life.



The pea all rounder! Making things run smoothly behind the scenes. An original vintage lover, with a keen eye for detail combined with a love of fashion and food. A committed book worm with a passion for all things written, I've worked in marketing for over 10 years.



Four children later and a desire to do things differently, two peas was born - hoorah! 

Our approach is simple - connecting with like minded lovely folk to work on the things we care about and enjoy most in life. We celebrate sustainable brands getting it right - with today’s conscious consumer in mind, working for a brighter tomorrow.

Combining true devotion to our brands, with organic communications and a passion for creative story telling to build relationships and communities.


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