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With Yeezy stealing the limelight in New York and London Fashion Week only hours away, I thought it appropriate to do a post indulging my obsession with the finer things in life, SHOES.

Animal influences in fashion is something we're all pretty used to by now. Prints big and bold, small and dainty have been adorning our bodies for the last few years - a trend which will probably stick around.

Personally I'm partial to a little bird or bee print, but take your pick. Shoes however, is a relatively new one on me.  Until now...

These shoes are things of beauty, works of art, objects of desire and things to covet and only dream about, if you haven't got the cash to splash on the hefty prices tags.

They all have one thing in common - animals - the inspiration behind the collection or featuring big in the design. Either way I'm game...

Marchesa has just sashayed her latest labour of love down the catwalks at New York Fashion Week to rapturous applause. The romantically themed footwear features eight designs to accompany their Spring collection and takes inspirations from "floral blooms and flying birds, silhouetted against the night sky" says Georgina Chapman one half of the design duo.  

Keren Craig, the other, adds "With stemmed flowers, leaves and elaborate architectural  details woven in and ombre dyed skins to evoke the shading of birds feathers", many styles are bedecked with twinkling Swarovski crystals or finished with fine, laser cut detailing. This collection is a work of art and true craftsmanship. Shoes that dreams are made of....

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Next up on my wish list is the Coco Flamingo, by shoe goddess Sophia Webster. I have to have these, will have these, must have these. I haven't stopped thinking about them since I set eyes on them and in the words of Kyle 'I just can't get you outta my head'.

So simple, but so very cool. The neon pink flamingos come together to create a heart shape on the back of the shoe (LOVE this) and continues to glide down the 4" inch stiletto right down to the pin heel, just as graceful as the bird itself. 

Favourite colourways include nude & neon pink, rose gold & black and black suede & rose gold. Obviously I want them all, but my favourite has to be the neon pink - my kind of girl, my kind of shoe!

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If you like your footwear to come with a side of humour then Minna Parikka is your gal.  She's been around for a while, but it was only recently when she transposed her signature bunny ears onto hi-top sneakers the world sat up and took notice. 

Courts, pumps, boots and sneakers - there's a whole collection dedicated to the fluffy fellas. As well as more quirky numbers featuring sushi, pom poms, unicorns, lips and finger sign designs, this lady is all about the fun and I totally get it. 

Cara Delevingne is pulling these off with aplomb, I'm not quite in Cara's fashion league but what the hell. I'm hopping mad about these beauties and don't care. The bunny sneaks have got my name all over them.

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What's your favourite or is sushi and bunny ears a step too far?

Helen x