don't get left behind - be ready for shopping to mainstream on mobiles

Consumers are set to spend a jaw dropping £53.6 billion a year using their smartphones and tablets by 2024. 

It seems we've fallen out of love with our high streets - trips to Tammy Girl and Woolworths are a thing of the past...sigh. With practically every other shop sitting sad and empty, despite Mary Portas best effort, things don't look set to change. 

Our heads have been turned and we're opting for convenience as our smart phones become an integral part of our daily lives - nearly half of all retail sales will involve a mobile device in some way or another, making mobile the fastest growing retail segment, according to new research from Barclays.

Of course we can't look up from our phone to hear your response - we're tracking delivery of our latest ASOS pumps.  In the UK last year 36% of all eCommerce transactions were done on mobiles or tablets and mobile accounts for 70% of email opens.  

The time has come where we can no longer be separated from our phones even for a trip to the toilet - turns out that's the best place for catching up on our emails.

As a busy mum of two, I find mobile the smartest, quickest way to operate - no need to load up the laptop, I can simultaneously order my food shop, beauty products and schedule a night out whilst on the school run.  We can and have taken multi-tasking to the next level! 

Expert multi-tasker and business visionary, Natalie Massenet who founded uber successful Net-a-porter, has revolutionised fashion eCommerce and for her next trick will be taking on social media. She recently announced a  merger for Net-a-Porter with Yoox for £2.3 billion where she'll pocket a rumoured £46million and now she's developing a new app - Net Set - social media and shopping all in one place. All in a days work for Massenet.

Unlike Instagram you'll be able to shop everything you see - dangerous yet brilliant. She is convinced social shopping on mobiles is what people want.

We agree.

According to Google, 72% of consumers expect websites to work correctly on their mobile device, and over half will leave if the site is not mobile friendly.

Pet peeves...slow loading pages, websites that freeze and too many products to sift through are the top three barriers for shoppers using mobile. Security and poor payment options are also a concern.

I think what's needed is a more personalised experience - relevant content and updates from our favourite brands that excites and entices, from pop-up notifications for product launches to vouchers and discounts.

Dismiss mobile at your peril - in the words of Peter Kay "It's the future", he was of course referring to garlic bread, but it all just makes sense doesn't it - a sound mobile and social strategy is now more important than ever.  

If you need any help putting yours in place - you know where to come.  Now about those pumps...

Jo x

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*stats courtesy of Barclays, Sunday Times Style,, Google, and the wall