food fight

Mr Oliver, the man's a hero in my eyes - he's been fighting the good food fightsince he popped onto our screens in the 90s as the Naked Chef.

On a mission to teach the world how to cook good food, Jamie Oliver is passionate about what he does and makes it his business to bring about change. First up was his school dinners initiative and now he's steaming his way through a food revolution. If you haven't seen the brilliant social media campaign for Food Revolution Day where have you been hiding?

Jamie ingeniously roped in his celebrity buddies including the talented Ed Sheeran and a sackful of other celebrities to create a song in support of the global campaign. Jamie even turns his hand to rapping, all in a bid to raise awareness and gather signatures and it did just that. 

The song went viral with an astounding 1,516,248* people from all over the world signing the petition via Jamie's facebook and twitter pages.  Quite an achievement!

Worldwide there are 42 million children under the age of five overweight or obese - that's a scary figure. It seems like a pretty basic life skill to prepare yourself a decent meal, as opposed to say finding the square root of 20?  

Children need educating when it comes to food - they should be learning by growing and cooking with the family. This process starts at home, but it needs to carry on in school. My kids love nothing more than grating, stirring and getting messy in the kitchen.

This is a subject I feel strongly about, as a mum of two who tries to impose an ounce of quality control, we need to make this issue our business.  To help change the future of our children we should all sign the petition at

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image source  *correct at time of publication

image source

*correct at time of publication